Traveling to ng-conf and visiting US for the first time

Traveling to ng-conf and visiting US for the first time


This is like a dream came true, traveling to ng-conf and to the US for the first time.

The full story

The ng-conf has a long history and has always been my dream to visit. I was always watching the live event each year but participating in person is an absolutely different experience. Finally in early 2020 I’ve decided to purchase an early bird ticket and was so excited about it, but everyone is aware of what's happening next - the COVID-2019 pandemic and so all in-person events had to be postponed.

So in result the ng-conf 2020 was adapted to online. Same happened in 2021.

Eventually after 2 years of tedious waiting finally I am going to travel to ng-conf!


I am looking forward to attending as many sessions as possible, and there are so many cool talks being announced by Jeff Cross, Shai Reznik, John Papa, Stephen Fluin, Brandon Roberts, Alex Rickabaugh and more.

I have known or followed many people from the Angular community online for ages, some of them were guests on Angular Rocks podcast and that’s a great opportunity for me to get acquainted in person and discuss any sort of professional subjects directly. Misko Hevery, Jeremy Elbourn, Minko Gechev, Justin Schwartzenberger, Alan Agius.

Besides, it is my first trip to the USA and I am going to visit a number of incredible places on my way to ng-conf, the places I have always dreamed about.

My arrival point and first stop is San Francisco, the heart of Silicon Valley. Imagine, I will visit Google headquarters and meet my Angular friends there! Maybe there is someone who wants to catch up with me in person?

And, of course, I will see the Golden Gates and Stanford University to feel the atmosphere of the most concentrated high-tech education in the world.

Next stop is LA and an agenda for there has not been set yet. Guys, is there someone who wants to meet and chat? What should I see in LA? Hollywood? Beverly Hills? Griffith Park or more? Maybe there is any meetup tech or business group to attend around?

Las Vegas is also a city of open opportunities for me this time. As a host of Angular Rocks and amateur climber I just have to see the Grand Canyon and at first. What about Red Rocks Canyon or any other rocks?

Please advise.

What about any IT events around SF, LA?

Please write any of your suggestions in the comments, I will highly appreciate them!

By the way, to leave this trip in my and yours memories, I am going to hold a photo-challenge for my Angular Rocks Instagram followers and listeners @angularrocks

Everyday I am going to take a picture of something that might be associated with Angular Rocks and post it in stories. You can give me your options for an association.

The winners will be definitely rewarded with some awesome Angular Rocks branded swag!


So, looking forward for your comments and advice!

Follow @angularrocks and see you soon!

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