ng-conf 2022 highlights

ng-conf 2022 highlights

This is a followup story for Ng-conf 2022. Road trip from San Francisco to Salt Lake City

I arrived at ng-conf in the evening on the 31 of August right at the time when registration should already be opened. The conference kicked off with the Misko’s Hevery workshop “Building Fast WebApplications” and I was looking forward to attending it. However, turned out I was 1 hour late for this one because I didn't really know there was an 1 hour time difference between California and Utah 😿. Next time if I travel from California to Utah I will keep in mind Utah is running one hour ahead 😀

2022-09-14 11.09.55.jpg

So this evening I met a lot of people who I haven't been seeing in person: Misko Hevery, Shai Resnik, Jordan Powell, Joaquin Cid, Ryan Hutchison, Brandon Roberts, Alyssa Nicoll. Most of the people were really tired after the flight however were happy to get together and I had a chance to discuss a lot of things with Misko Havery who is now building a new framework called Qwik and Shai Resnik who was an official MC for the ng conf 2022.



The 1 of September was the official first ng-conf day that started with an awesome breakfast followed by a keynote from the Angular team and single track talks by the end of the day. On this day I managed to attend a few talks: “Angular TDD” by Shai Resnik, “Standalone Components” by Pawel Kozlowski and “Angular: A design review 10 years later” by Jeremy Elbourn and Alex Rickabaugh.

20220831_175022.jpg 20220831_175039.jpg 20220831_175152.jpg 20220831_175444.jpg

In the evening a lot of conference attendees split up into small groups and headed for dinner in different directions. Our group went to a place that has the most fun waiter that can serve Heineken -1 and Heineken -0 🤣🤣🤣


The next day was kicked off by a yoga session at 7:00 but it was not possible for me to wake up so early so I had to skip that experience. This day there were 2 different tracks, in other words multiple talks were running at the same time so if you visited one you would miss the other. Still I have an opportunity to catch up on all missed talks once they will be pushed online.

It was great to chat with people from Crunchbase, Ag Grid, Fidelity, Cypress, Syncfusion, Rangle, Octa, Herodevs, Nrwl, JetBrains, Advancedmd, Ionic and many others who were hanging around the conference booths. On the second day I met even more people whom I had not known in person before: Deborah Kurata, John Papa, Ward Bell, Dan Wahlin, Aaron Frost, Joe Eames, Jeff Cross, Mike Brocchi, Eric Slack, Manfred Steyer, Alex Okrushko, Michael Hladky, Isaac Mann and many many others. It was so great to meet you!

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This time the evening was full of events like Angular Pull request workshop, Karaoke party, Board games, Trivia and more. I attended the board games and played this new game I had never played before called Coup. It was really exciting and fun experience playing this game.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about my secret mission for the conference. Me, Joaquin Cid and Ryan Hutchison had to distribute the NGXS t-shirts, the mission was originally planned by Mark Whitfeld - the NGXS team lead. The idea was just to spread a word about NGXS around ng conf attendees and reward NGXS users with some swag. The mission was successfully accomplished by the third day of the ng-conf and helped to chat with even more cool people around there.

20220901_155746.jpg 20220901_161657.jpg 20220901_144936.jpg

The third and the last day of the conference started with another yoga session that I skipped again. I love yoga but it was quite challenging to wake up early in the morning during the conf. The breakfast was followed up by Community Keynote and another series of awesome talks. On the third day I met people like Jonas Rexeke, Martin Kristell, Jason Warner, Sam Julien, Stephen Cooper and Joey deVilla who joined the Karaoke playing accordion live making Karaoke even more fun. It was great to chat to all of you guys!

I didn’t have a chance to stay up until the end of all events because I had to leave early as I planned to be in Vegas before the sunset. It is about a 6 hours drive from Salt Lake City to Vegas. However just before I left I took part in trivia organized by Adrienne Marshall and Melissa Garrett from Rangle. It was great fun answering all the Angular-related questions and actually winning the awesome Raspberry Pi Pico as a prize! Great finale of my first ng-conf!


Also on this day I made a promise. Awesome people from Octa gave me an ng-conf-2019-themed rubik's cube with a bit of history. I told them it would be passed to someone else the next year at ng-conf 2023. So I have no chance to miss the conference next year!


I left the ng-conf at about 3pm with a lot of memories and confidence I am coming back in 2023!


Thank you everybody for discussions, coworking and conference organisers for this terrific experience!