Inspiration of a web-developer

Inspiration of a web-developer

My very personal story about the "Angular Rocks Podcast."

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am ready to invite you to read the story I've been drafting for quite some time. This story is more of a chapter of a developer diary. It is a good one because there are so many pages to be created. Let's it stay this way 😁


As any beginner who decided to start his web-development journey with Angular, despite immense enthusiasm or maybe not, you might feel a bit lost while mapping your journey. The Internet these days has inexhaustible sources of information, yet, you can almost compare it to a very cluttered room when you are feeling anxious the moment you decide to put things in order.

So, one day I had an idea: "what if all of the information will be easily accessible, in a very consistent and beginner-friendly order? It sounds easy. But to translate my ideas into actions took me some time. Finally, in February 2021, I started by recording the first solo episode: Hello World which is when the Angular Rocks podcast started to rock.

After receiving positive feedback from you, my fellow Angular enthusiasts, I realized that this would be an ongoing journey. A long time ago, as an Angular beginner myself, I remember how hard it was to figure out the simple algorithm "Where? What? How? And Why" Now, I am delighted to share my "roadmap" with you, where Angular rocks! Each episode step by step will help you to learn and understand Angular in a very gradual manner.

Recently, the creator of Angular, Misko Hevery, joined us as a guest to talk about The History of Angular and his long and exciting journey working on this project.

Keep following for valuable tips and tricks, which are all linked with each episode show notes for more detailed information. And there will be more exciting and inspiring conversations on Angular Rocks in the future.

This week's episode is about the Angular multi-project workspace that you can use to organize y​our Angular apps and libraries in one single solution! If you are curious to know more, just check the following link.

And to help your motivation to stay up, you are welcome to look into the below tip:


Apart from that, we are happy to announce our Educational Workshop series, which will help you become an Angular Pro. We are treating all of the Angular enthusiasts with a complimentary "Getting started" workshop session. Please register your interest at for one of the sessions on 3d and 8th of August, 2021. T&C apply.

Stay inspired and continue to learn. Feel free to ask your questions in the comments, and let me know about your favorite episode?